Understand students’ learning styles, enhance student-teacher communication & performance.

The best teachers—subject matter expertise aside—are great communicators who bring out the best in those around them. They use their communication skills to understand the needs of each learner and create environments where everyone can excel. True Colors teaches educators and students how to communicate more effectively and how to apply techniques for maximum impact within school environments, home and their communities. And we do it cost effectively and quickly.

Effective communication is critical. It requires active listening, understanding audience biases, and tailoring the delivery of messages to each situation. Enhancing the way teachers and students communicate with each other and among their peers, directly impacts dropout rates, attendance, bullying, graduation rates, and classroom achievement.

Welcome to True Colors

Coveted as the industry’s most impactful, engaging and easy to implement system, we help learning institutions of all types and sizes achieve better performance by energizing everyone connected to each school.

True Colors teaches people a language for understanding individual personality traits and provides frameworks for applying new communication techniques. We distill complex personality assessment and learning theory into a user-friendly and practical tool that can be applied to virtually all classroom and workplace situations. Our customized programs—supported with expert trainers, online assessments and robust learning materials—can be seamlessly integrated throughout schools and districts.


The Benefits are Real and Immediate

For students, True Colors fosters:

  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Respect and trust among peers and teachers
  • More resiliency to challenges
  • Greater conflict resolution skills
  • Improved classroom engagement
  • Better attendance
  • Lower dropout rates
  • Higher test scores

For teachers and administrators, True Colors enhances:

  • Student engagement
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • School climate
  • Teaching and learning styles
  • Trust and understanding
  • Collegiality and collaboration

“ln the past, 30-50% of the students dropped out of our alternative school. This year, using True Colors, only three kids dropped out of 75 in the program.”

— by Steve Bridge, Principal, Elma High School, Elma, WA.

A transformative personal development process for your leaders and students

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Participants earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), SHRM and International Coaching Federation (ICF) credits as well as Certification Badges for all completed trainings.