Two professionals shaking hands during a meeting.

Everyone agrees that communication is a key factor for success in any environment where people interact. True Colors can be used as a guide to the choice of words and presentation techniques that will help make the communication process easier and more effective. Individuals can learn to speak and respond in ways which best fit the needs of each of the personality types being addressed.

In the True Communication Workshop, you will learn how to improve your individual communication skills and interaction with different personality types. You will be able to strengthen rapport, boost listening skills and clearly deliver your message in a mutually beneficial way. Additionally, you will gain insights on how to help attendees to improve their personal performance through effective communication.

This hands-on, interactive workshop provides an opportunity for those who have previously completed the True Colors Personal Success Workshop to expand and follow up in the area of Communication.


Key Benefits Include:

      • Learn to communicate using True Colors as your guide to presentation
      • Learn to make the communication process easier and more effective
      • Enhance personal performance through effective communication


True Colors will send a certified trainer to your organization to present a True Communication Workshop. We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and help design a True Colors workshop that is right for you and your organization.

PLEASE NOTE: The Personal Success Workshop is a prerequisite for the Communication Workshop.