True Colors® Personal Success Workshops

iStock_000016739691_SmallThis hands-on and interactive workshop will guide participants through the True Colors foundational experience. Practical and useful activities apply True Colors concepts to both our personal and professional lives. Understanding the similarities and differences of all people leads to improved communication skills, a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of self and others and more meaningful relationships. Experiencing this workshop will change your life.

True Colors will send a certified facilitator to your facility to present either a three hour Personal Success Workshop or a full-day workshop. It includes the Personal Success Workshop in the morning followed by customized workshop in the afternoon.

Additional Applications

Based on the requirement of completion of the “Personal Success” certification, True Colors offers education and support through workshops and certifications in the areas of:


Understanding the distinctive ways in which different personalities approach communication is key to success. Promote open, honest conduct by understanding and appreciating different communication contributions and approaches.



Whether existing or newly formed, team members learn how to bring out the best in each other, how each member’s primary color – and a representation of all colors – is important to the team’s success, and how to bring up your paler colors for the benefit of the team’s goals.



Learning Styles

This instructional and interactive seminar gives educators specific techniques to reach all student personality styles. Teachers gather tools that help to create a classroom climate where each student has a successful learning experience. This seminar is especially helpful for alternative schools, schools wanting to change, and connect with students who are not achieving.


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