No matter what level of government you work in, organizational change is inevitable. With change comes unrest and uncertainty that can impact team cohesion and productivity.

So, if…

  • You’re you looking for training programs that will help your employees improve their communication skills
  • Change is impacting morale and you need a workshop that will boost employee teambuilding skills and productivity
  • You are planning to introduce new employees into an existing workgroup and want to help the team build rapport quickly

… then True Colors can help!

The True Colors methodology can help to improve your workplace culture by training all levels of employees, to recognize their greatest strengths and create a more collaborative environment, no matter what changes they may be experiencing.

True Colors has been used successfully for over twenty-six years in government agencies and the military. True Colors programs foster positive, healthy, productive personal development that improves communication, teambuilding, leadership, morale and conflict resolution skills both at work and at home.

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