Become a True Colors Facilitator and give your career or business a boost.

Thinking about training to become a Certified True Colors Facilitator?

You may be considering training because you want to develop professionally and deliver more value to your current workplace. You may know that being a True Colors Facilitator will make yourself more hirable. Or you may be looking to boost your business by enhancing your offerings as an entrepreneur.

No matter the reason, becoming a True Colors Facilitator provides you with the tools, resources, and community you need to deliver transformative workshops to your organization or clients, and experience real benefits for your career or business.

7 Ways You Can Be a Successful True Colors Facilitator

1. Be well prepared

As with most things in life, being well prepared for a workshop will decrease your stress and increase your success. As a True Colors Facilitator, you want to be confident in front of your audience.

Knowing the True Colors methodology and curriculum is critical, but so is being prepared to not always have the answer. When someone asks you a question and you are unsure of the answer, how will you respond?

Thinking through the ways you’ll handle this before a workshop reduces any self-imposed pressure to know it all.

2. Create a safe and inclusive learning environment

True Colors trains individuals to not only have a better understanding of themselves, but to also see the value in other peoples’ unique differences — and the value in learning from their diverse perspectives.

This is enlightening but challenging. As a True Colors Facilitator, it is critical you develop a psychologically safe and inclusive space, as well as a shared language, for your workshop attendees. This will enable them to best grow their self-awareness and — in time — have sensitive, transformative discussions with other people about their diverse perspectives.

3. Know your audience

Knowing your audience will go a long way in creating a safe and inclusive learning environment and delivering an effective True Colors workshop. With a heart for being well prepared, take the time when developing your presentation to gather some background information about your upcoming attendees.

For instance, will you be working with a corporate, education, or healthcare team? Are there certain repeat struggles the team is trying to overcome? What goals or mission is the team trying to achieve?

Knowing the answers to questions like these will help you be a successful facilitator who delivers the transformative change your attendees are looking for.

4. Have a clear agenda and expectations

For your own sake, as well as the sake of those who will attend your workshops, provide an agenda and set clear expectations. This removes some of the anxiety people get from “the unknown.” It also helps ensure you cover all of your material in the allotted amount of time that you have.

5. Leverage the right activities effectively

During your True Colors Facilitator training, you will experience and discuss a wide variety of activities you can use when it’s your turn to facilitate. When you leverage the right activities for the group you are working with participants are more engaged with what they’re learning and better remember what they experienced.

Furthermore, these different activities can be utilized outside of a True Colors event. The activities and strategies you’ll learn as a True Colors Facilitator can be applied in other professional settings, such as presentations you give and staff trainings or meetings you lead. Adding these leadership tools to your toolbox are invaluable for your career or business.

6. Manage the group and time well

You will find some groups you lead are very engaged and talkative from the beginning. Other groups you work with will take more effort to draw out. As a True Colors Facilitator, it’s your responsibility to manage the group and its time well.

Keeping a clock or stopwatch in your eyesight is one technique for keeping a good handle on your time. It’s also important to respectfully bring the group back on topic when necessary. You absolutely want to encourage group engagement, but you don’t want to let bunny trails prevent your workshop from being a success.

7. Facilitate in a fun, passionate, and engaging manner

Choosing to become a True Colors Facilitator is life changing! You’ve experienced the transformational power of True Colors. You’ve seen how it brings people together, makes them more comfortable, opens up dialogue, and moves people to a new way of thinking and behaving.

Don’t shy away from sharing all of this in your workshops. When you present with authenticity and passion, people will respond positively.

Bring Out the Best in Those Around You

The best True Colors Facilitators are great communicators who bring out the best in those around them. They use their communication skills to understand the needs of each person in their workshops and create environments where everyone can excel.

As you begin your journey as a facilitator, increase your impact by keeping the above seven ways to be successful in mind.

Start your journey by registering for one of our upcoming online or in-person Personal Success Certification Trainings.

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