True Parenting

The Challenge

Parents face many challenges. And as all parents come to learn, there are infinite challenges to overcome, many of which were unfathomable before having children!  A common challenge is adapting our styles to each unique child. This disconnect can create unnecessary tension, stress and frustration across the child-caregiver relationship.


83% of parents from all backgrounds agree that good parenting can be learned

Key Results Include:

  • Understand and appreciate how personality differences lead to unique behaviors of children
  • Introduction to True Colors, an easy and highly effective communication tool for all ages
  • Recognize the values, joys, strengths, and needs of each of your child’s personality type
  • Learn new methods to build and promote respect and self-confidence in your children
  • Deepen family relationships and create a more harmonious home environment
  • Enhance parenting skills in communication, motivation, discipline and building self-esteem
  • Deepen the parenting relationship that you share with your “other half”

How True Colors Can Help

Learn the True Colors personality identification methodology to help you improve communication and trust with every child and family member. Discover insights to improve parenting each unique child in a way that speaks to their true personality. This will help you positively influence their growth and development.  You will also learn how each child or family member influences the behaviors of your children.

The True Colors Process

Self-discovery is the beginning of the True Colors process. Customized to the needs and goals of your family, our first step is to help you understand yourself.  This can be accomplished through an Online Assessment or an engaging interactive experience in a True Colors Personal Success Workshop. 

Participants in a workshop gain knowledge of the complete True Colors personality temperament model and learn how to apply these principles to parenting and family dynamics. Any parent, guardian, or anyone interested in becoming a parent, will greatly benefit from understanding the principles of True Parenting.

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