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Now, if you’re new to True Colors (and how it can reduce social conflict and boost team productivity), our Live Shows are the best way to introduce our popular and effective personality assessment system to your organization.

Live Shows are a fun and exciting way to add interaction and entertainment to your next big meeting, conference, or special event while simultaneously educating participants on powerful True Colors concepts.

“I saw a True Colors Live Show at a conference in Las Vegas. Letitia Fox and the cast were amazing and truly embodied each personality type, making it easy to understand each type. It changed the way we function as an organization. True Colors International customized the show to fit our needs and were great to work with. It helped with communication immensely, whether in person or via email.

At my next position, we booked True Colors for a conference with the same result!

Now, I’m at Presidium. We also booked True Colors for a company event. Everyone wore their color to the hands-on seminar to learn more about what their colors meant. It was very interesting to see the company by color. Love it!”

– Angella Davis, Marketing and Training Director, Presidium