The most successful large companies of today do not simply operate with one particular group of leaders who anticipate every challenge and maximize every opportunity. Today’s winners need teams of teams who each bring a unique expertise and perspective to help find a brighter horizon. While building diverse teams is more important today than ever, driving those teams to be truly collaborative is the ultimate challenge and opportunity of every organization.  

This is where TRUE COLORS can and has been added value for corporations and business teams trying to find their sweet spot as a team of teams.  The proprietary TRUE COLORS system utilizes a time tested methodology to help individuals and teams perform better thru increased personal awareness, improved communication and greater teamwork. Coveted as one of the industry’s most impactful, engaging and easy to implement systems, True Colors helps organizations of all types and sizes achieve better people performance. 

Knowing that people don’t just operate from one COLOR mold is important.  But, recognizing that there are unique personal preferences that come with different personalities will help any team leader be more empathetic to his/her team members.  For example, having a supervisor who has a bright GOLD as his/her primary color means that he/she is a person who is incredibly dependable, loyal and will keep the organization in line with any rules and regulations necessary to get the job done.  The person who acts out of their GREEN strengths may be a data analyst who would be OK with a GOLD supervisor, as long as he/she has the freedom to run the data, organize the outcomes, and make innovative recommendations that will help the company perform better.  But, if the supervisor doesn’t understand this, he/she may try to force the data analyst into a box of regulations, just because this person believes the rules come before innovation.

Or if your corporation has an incredibly energetic, witty, and charming salesperson whose primary color is ORANGE, then having a primary GOLD supervisor who is more concerned about the organizational standards than just getting the sale, conflict may emerge and your results may suffer.  In the end the supervisor isn’t bad, he/she just needs to understand the strengths and tendencies of the other team members to help them do their best where these team members would be most suited. 

What if your entire HR Team found their strongest color to be BLUE?  This team may focus all their attention on employee satisfaction and not productivity.  It would be very difficult to find ways to exit the mis-matched employees in your organization.  Most often personnel issues are not the result of bad people, but rather misplaced, unengaged people. An HR team focused on the behavioral side of employees as well as the technical skills needed in the organization would be a stronger asset for the overall performance of the multiple teams of teams within your company.

TRUE COLORS training enables your leaders to be smart leaders and your employees to feel understood and engaged. This proven system is a fun way to get your team to recognize their strengths and their blind spots so that they can operate in a more cohesive and collaborative way for the best outcomes of your organization.  Bring together your team of teams and discover what you can do to help people with the right skills be matched with the right positions that play to their strengths.

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