Knowledge of a student’s learning style is a powerful tool. If a student doesn’t feel connected to their academic environment, they can quickly fall behind, often resulting in a substantial learning disadvantage. Using a proven methodology, we help schools and teachers develop effective teaching styles to maintain student engagement.

Addressing the Source

As individuals (and students), we don’t learn in the same manner—we each have a unique personality that affects the way we receive and convey information. Incongruent teaching and learning styles can lead students to opt out, do the bare minimum required, and can be difficult to teach. Our system addresses this incongruency.

Our Methodology

By using the four-color personality model, we help teachers understand how their students think and learn. We can show them a teaching method which utilizes each student’s preferred learning style in a language they can understand. Armed with an appreciation of the preferred method in which each student learns, instructors can become more effective and cater to individual student needs.

The True Colors Solution

Just as everyone has a unique personality and temperament, each individual also has a preferred learning style. How students listen to and internalize information will affect the way they learn and retain knowledge. We equip instructors and educators with the tools to teach effectively in a way that is best suited to the personality of each student. When educators understand how students prefer to be taught, they quickly find that the student’s engagement and productivity increase and allow each individual student to shine.

Teaching Statistic

Out of one million students surveyed, only 49% felt engaged with school, and only 47% felt hopeful for the future. Students in upper grades are less likely to be engaged in school than their peers in lower grades.

Case Study

20-50% of students in the U.S. drop out of high school. This case study shows how True Colors helps rekindle interest in education among today’s youth.