Manage Conflict, Build Morale

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable; it’s a part of everyday life. But gone unmanaged, it can lead to productivity slowdowns, loss of trust, and high turnover—among other symptoms—stopping organizational progress in its tracks.

The ability to navigate and manage conflict is a powerful and important skill. Whatever the source of conflict, be it personal prejudices, conflict of interest, or eroding personal relationships, it’s important to deal with it in a controlled and constructive way.

Addressing the Source

Our consulting methodology starts at the source: employee self-awareness. By helping each individual become more aware of their stressors, opinions, and biases, we’re able to guide teams, departments, and entire organizations toward achieving an “environment of understanding.” That is, a common ground for acceptance, conflict resolution, and—ultimately—conflict prevention.

Establishing a Common Language

True Colors International begins with a proven assessment that highlights each individual’s spectrum of personality traits, helping them understand why they act (and react) the way they do.

This approach addresses the many different forms of conflict by introducing a healthy and productive common language that fosters understanding between different personality types. By integrating this common language in everyday interactions, organizations can effectively mitigate the problems workplace conflict causes. And the best part? Our approach is fun, easy-to-use, and effective.

Conflict Navigation Training & Consulting

Harnessing your employees’ newly acquired insights about themselves and their colleagues, we then provide conflict navigation training and consulting through fun and engaging workshops to show how your organization can achieve the ever-important environment of understanding that dissolves communication barriers, improves collaboration, and increases productivity.

The outcome is not only a quick reduction in conflict, but a way to plan for and manage future conflicts within the workplace address conflict in a healthy, productive fashion.

Conflict Statistic

Around 85% of employees deal with conflict at some level, costing organizations $359 billion in paid hours each year, and stunting progress toward goal achievement.

Case Study

This case study highlights how a cybersecurity solutions company harnesses True Colors to maintain its unique company culture based in inclusivity.