Build Productive Teams

The ability of employees to perform together effectively is essential to any organization’s success. Effective teamwork brings new ideas, helps solve problems, and increases efficiency. We help organizations build more-collaborative teams for the long term, whether it means guiding inefficient teams to be more productive or further improving already productive teams.

Addressing the Source

Ineffective teamwork can hinder engagement and productivity as well as foster misunderstanding and conflict. We specialize in addressing the source of these symptoms—ineffective communication—at the team level, so every corner of your organization can benefit from one if its most important engines: productive teams.

Our Methodology

Because we’re all unique and communicate differently, working together as a team can be challenging. Our consulting methodology facilitates team building by helping members understand not only their own strengths, but the strengths of their teammates. This level of awareness—that is, an “environment of understanding”—is a powerful advantage that can be harnessed to make a team more cohesive and productive.

Establishing an “Environment of Understanding”

Step One

We begin by evaluating each team member’s true personality with a proven assessment that helps each individual understand how and why they act the way they do (i.e., convey information, receive feedback, and make decisions).

The True Colors Team Report
Because you want to build a successful team, True Colors provides a detailed analysis of your entire group and any sub-groups of your choice. You will receive clear and easy to read charts to help you develop a deeper understanding of your individual employees and bring out the best of your team.

When you share this report with your team, you’ll see straight away how our recognition of personality preferences leads to understanding and acceptance of differences within each team member and the group as a whole. Building trust in teams becomes much easier, and you’ll see healthier communication, more productive relationships, and fewer conflicts.

Step Two

Harnessing your employees’ newly acquired insights about themselves and their colleagues, we then provide communication training and consulting through fun and engaging team building workshops to show how your organization can harness it’s newly acquired “environment of understanding” that dissolves communication barriers, improves collaboration, and increases team productivity.

The outcome is not only an immediate increase in team productivity for existing teams, but a way to plan for and manage future efforts where teamwork is necessary.

Workplace Team Building Statistics

As many as 75% of employees consider collaboration and teamwork to be very important, yet as little as 18% of employees get communication evaluations as part of their performance reviews.

Team Building Case Study

This case study shows how True Colors helped the L.A. County Workforce Program create effective team building among the nursing staff comprised of a diverse group of individuals.