True Colors Solutions

We help companies achieve better results by invigorating their most important resource: their employees. Using a proven consulting methodology rooted in employee self-awareness, we help inspire collaboration, improve morale, and boost workforce productivity by offering training and consulting services on communication, team building, conflict navigation, and teaching and learning styles.


Poor communication can quickly lead to employee frustration and a decrease in collaboration. We help address ineffective communication on individual, team, and organizational scales.

Team Building

Ineffective teamwork can hinder engagement and productivity as well as foster misunderstanding and conflict. We specialize in addressing the source of these symptoms—ineffective communication—at the team level.

Conflict Navigation

The ability to navigate and manage conflict is a powerful and important skill. Whatever the source of conflict, be it personal prejudices, conflict of interest, or eroding personal relationships, it’s important to deal with it in a controlled and constructive way.

Teaching & Learning Styles

Incongruent teaching and learning styles can lead students to opt out, do the bare minimum required, and can be difficult to teach. Our system addresses this incongruency.