There’s no question about the importance of team building. Each organization, whether it be a corporation, school, hospital, government agency, military or non-profit, requires teams of people working together to accomplish their goals. Each team should aim to best utilize the talents and resources of its participants to increase productivity and group morale.

Through the application of the Team Building Workshop, True Colors provides an ideal method for choosing, mixing, and motivating team members. This ensures that the team will perform at its best in an interactive, supportive, creative, and responsible manner.


What You’ll Learn

  • workbook-for-true-colors-team-building-workshopHow to work with different personality types
  • How to use team member strengths and interests to best set up teams that efficiently handle projects, activate sales, produce products and services, interact with customers, manage and maintain their departments and the organization as a whole.

This hands-on, interactive teamwork workshop provides an opportunity for those who have previously completed the True Colors Personal Success Workshop to expand and follow up in the area of team building.

PLEASE NOTE: The Personal Success Workshop is a prerequisite for the Team Building Workshop.