Keys to SuccessThe Personal Success Workshop is a foundational, interactive seminar that introduces participants to True Colors’ powerful concepts. Using tried-and-true materials, participants will determine their True Colors personality spectrum including their most dominant color style and learn to recognize the True Colors of others.

Imagine your staff members working together synergistically, problem-solving with respect and trust. The effectiveness of each team member is increased when they are feeling validated, valued and understood. The True Colors Personal Success Seminar can shift the way your team interacts in ways you’ve only dreamed of… until now. Put the power of personality to work for you. Help your staff discover their True Colors – they are their keys to personal success.


Discover Your True Colors


Strengthen relationships and create a more harmonious environment True Colors provides a universal language for understanding different personality types that connects an organization, a family, a team.

Foster appreciation of differences in self and others. True Colors promote self-esteem, respect and confidence.

Flexibility of customizing seminars to reach specific goals and objectives. True Colors is easy to integrate into existing framework.

Retain the insights and skills learned long after the workshop experience. True Colors is easy to understand and remember.


True Colors Workshop Format


The Personal Success Seminar is designed to be a 3-4 hour workshop.

Other time formats are available, ranging from 90 minutes to a full day.

Participant activities and experiences such as large and small group discussions are involved.

This program may be combined with a LIVE SHOW, Additional Applications, or the Online Assessment for maximum impact.


True Colors for Personal Awareness


This program is designed for beginning level – those individuals just learning about True Colors.

Specific components for management are available.

This is a participant program for self-awareness and is not a facilitator training. Staff members may be eligible to become certified to teach this program within your Organization.

If you are interested in becoming certified to facilitate the True Colors Personal Success workshop, you can find out how by visiting our CERTIFICATION page for more info.


Genuine True Colors

Each participant receives genuine True Colors materials ranging from Character Cards to our Online Assessment and participant material fees are determined upon the options chosen

Certified True Colors facilitators with the background expertise in your area will be matched with your desired qualities in a trainer.

If you have more than 5 participants from your organization you may be eligible for a group discount or an In-house training.


Appreciating Differences Can Make all the Difference

It’s always important to watch the bottom line, but especially so in tight economic times. That makes a True Colors training particularly important now. You need every advantage in today’s business environment. What is it worth to you to increase customer satisfaction and preserve your client’s business? True Colors also helps reduce conflict in your own workplace, and increases the productivity of your employees. A small investment in your staff now can pay great dividends immediately and ongoing.

True Colors originated the use of colors as a way of explaining personality differences in 1978, and has been the leading trainer in this model for over 30 years. After decades of working with corporations around the world, we guarantee that your people will not only easily learn valuable business lessons, but be able to actually apply them in your workplace for a long-lasting benefit. Our thriving business is to help your business thrive. We teach the keys to personal success. Choose a success workshop!