Man teaching a True Colors workshopThe True Colors workshops are the bread and butter of our celebrated personality assessment system. Through guided activities, participants learn how their color spectrum affects all relationships, both professional and personal. These workshops are engaging, interactive, and practical for groups large and small. Those who attend any personality workshop leave with an appreciation of the similarities and differences in others by knowing how the True Colors personality types best thrive and interact together.


The True Colors Workshop Process

Our tried-and-true True Colors workshop process begins with the Personal Success Workshop, which lays the foundation of the True Colors system. Once completed, participants can opt to take our Additional Application Workshops, which offer continued True Colors Training in specific areas (listed below).


Step 1: The Personal Success Workshop

The True Colors® Personal Success Workshop is a hands-on and interactive personality workshop that guides participants through the foundational concepts of the True Colors system as they apply to our personal and professional lives.

True Colors International will send a Certified Facilitator to your location to present your choice of a three-hour or full-day workshop. This True Colors personality workshop leads to improved communication skills, a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of self and others, and more meaningful relationships.

Step 2: The Additional Application Workshops

After completing the Personal Success Workshop (above), you’ll be able to build upon what you’ve learned by continuing your education through True Colors’ Additional Application Workshops. These are workshops that explore specific areas in much more depth. For each one, click ‘learn more’ to get a more detailed True Colors workshop description. Current options include:

Communication Workshop

Understanding the distinctive ways in which different personalities approach communication is key to success. Promote open, honest conduct by understanding and appreciating different communication contributions and approaches.

Teambuilding Workshop

true colors team building workbook front coverWhether existing or newly formed, team members learn how to bring out the best in each other, how each member’s primary color is important to the team’s success, and how to bring up your paler colors for the benefit of the team’s goals.

Conflict Navigation Workshop

Conflict is a part of everyday life and the ability to navigate or negotiate your way is a powerful skill. Each human interaction has the potential to be a challenge that could lead to conflict. Learning the skills regarding how to navigate conflict situations is a key part of this workshop.

Teaching & Learning Styles Workshop

This instructional, interactive seminar gives educators specific techniques and tools to reach all student personality styles. It is especially helpful for alternative schools, schools wanting to change, and to connect with students who are not achieving.