Every organization experiences challenges. Often, hiring a professional speaker is a tried-and-true method used in hopes of reigniting inspiration in members of an organization. If you’ve been struggling to find a speaker that genuinely understands your organization and unique audience, it might be time to consider a True Colors Keynote Event.

Informative AND Engaging

Unlike most efforts that fall flat and result in a boring, non-relevant speech that speaks at the audience rather than to it, True Colors addresses the challenges of an organization in an engaging and informative way.

True Colors offers one-of-a-kind Keynote speeches that are fully customizable to suit your organization’s unique needs and are developed and presented by our Master Trainers. These carefully crafted speeches speak to many of the challenges that your organization may face, encouraging a deeper understanding of audience self across all levels and titles.

Popular Keynote topics include:

True Leadership

True Communication

True Teambuilding

True Conflict Navigation

The True Colors Keynote Process

True Colors Keynote speeches are rooted in the needs of your organization. These Keynotes are carefully customized to address the audience directly and personally, creating a one-of-a-kind speech that will never be repeated in the same fashion again. The Master Trainer will spend time getting to know your organization and incorporate True Colors into a core message that inspires, delights, reenergizes, and leaves the audience with a deeper understanding of both themselves and others.

Customized for Your Event

True Colors Keynotes are relevant to your audience because they are tailored specifically to your organization. This specialized content captivates audiences with humor and relatability while allowing the core message to reach the room effectively.

Schedule a Keynote Today

Keynote speeches are generally scheduled in 1.5 hour sessions but can be extended or reduced as necessary to fit your organization’s needs. We would be happy to speak with you directly about incorporating a True Colors Keynote for your next conference, party, company meeting, or holiday party.

Schedule a Keynote Speaker

If you want your group to interact better with others and leave your event wanting more, you need to schedule a True Colors Keynote Speech for your next conference, seminar program, teambuilding program, holiday party, or special event. With Master Trainers around the world, True Colors Keynote Events are presented as a one and one-half hour fully customized Keynote address.


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