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Why Become True Colors Certified?

Do you want to bring about transformative organizational change? Do you want to help improve the world around you? Become a True Colors facilitator! True Colors is a communication model deeply rooted in temperament theory that is fun, engaging and memorable. In a matter of days, you will be trained to deliver interactive, engaging and life-changing True Colors workshops within your organization or as a consultant to others.

How it Works

The True Colors Personal Success Certification training is a two and a half day course designed to teach you how to deliver/facilitate a Personal Success Workshop. Each training is delivered by a Certified Master Trainer who provides all the key elements of the 40 year old methodology.

Advanced Certification Trainings include: Teambuilding, Communication, Conflict Navigation, Teaching & Learning and True Parenting. Each Advanced Certification training is available in a one-day face to face or 2 day online format. CEUs, SHRM & ICF credits as well as Certification Badges are available for all completed trainings.

Every year, Certified True Colors Facilitators help thousands of participants achieve a greater understanding of themselves and others while learning in a fun, interactive environment.

Why Become a True Colors Certified Facilitator?

  • Learn the True Colors temperament methodology
  • Gain a full understanding of our personality profiling language
  • Learn how to easily deliver our life-changing workshops
  • Access discounted non-public training materials
  • Join a network of thousands of passionate facilitators around the globe

“My True Colors experience has been incredible since I became a Certified Facilitator. I use the True Colors approach every day in my therapeutic and coaching work. It adds a wonderful layer to the framework I use and informs my thinking in a really valuable way. True Colors makes my work richer and I see the amazing effect it has on the organizations I have the privilege of working with every day.”

— by Gail Paterson – LifeWorks

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Participants earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), SHRM and International Coaching Federation (ICF) credits as well as Certification Badges for all completed trainings.