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Let Us Help Transform Your Culture

We help your organization thrive by creating a customized program that will provide solutions for the challenges you face in areas of communication, conflict navigation, leadership and team building. A True Colors Trainer works with you to first evaluate your issues, needs and organizational goals. Next, we develop a customized series of workshops and trainings to deliver to your team.

Whether you need a day-long intensive to re-align your leaders, a series of workshops to inspire your teams to work more collaboratively together, or a long-term roadmap to reinvent your culture – we give your people the tools they need, to drive the change you need.

How It Works

Your training is delivered by a Certified Master Trainer who provides all the key elements of the 40-year-old methodology. True Colors is a communication model deeply rooted in temperament theory that is fun, engaging and memorable.

Self-discovery is the beginning of the True Colors process. Customized to the needs and goals of your organization, our first step is to help you take every employee through a True Colors workshop of self-discovery.

From day one, we’ll work hand in hand with you to ensure your people gain a full understanding of our personality profiling language. This shared language creates greater self-awareness and appreciation of others. Outcomes are improved communication, reduced conflict, greater collaboration, and improved teamwork

“Thank you so much for providing an exceptional professional development program for our educators. As chairperson of the Countywide In-Service Program, my goal was to find something different that would meet the professional development needs of a variety of educators within the county. The True Colors methodology met my criteria because all educators are faced with working in teams for the common good of the school district and the students. It taught us about the four personality types and how each type is integral to the group process.”

— by Regina Swierc, Superintendent – Warren County School District, New Jersey