Consulting & Training Programs

Thanks to its dynamic nature, the True Colors system can be experienced in three fun and engaging forms—all aimed at invigorating your most important resource: your employees. After taking the True Colors Assessment, you can opt for further, in-depth training through Workshops (our bread and butter) or enliven a business event with live shows or keynotes. Learn more below.

The Workshops

The True Colors workshops are the bread and butter of our training methodology. Through guided activities, participants learn how their color spectrum affects all relationships, both professional and personal.

Live Shows

Live Shows are an effective way to fully experience and understand the True Colors methodology. Add interaction and entertainment to your next big meeting, conference, or special event while participants learn valuable True Colors concepts.


If you’ve been struggling to find a speaker that genuinely understands your organization and unique audience, it might be time to consider a True Colors Keynote Event.


If you are passionate about the True Colors Programs and want to make a difference with others, now is the time to take the next step – become a Certified True Colors Facilitator!