True Colors Public Service Leadership


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Target Audience: Leaders or those interested in leadership who serve the public
at the federal, state, or local level. In addition, the concepts and experiences in this book translate well for the non-profit and education sectors. Learn from the leadership experiences of a retired AF Lt Col and True Colors Master Trainer.
Type of Presentation: 153-page soft cover book.
• Uncover your personality spectrum and identity the primary colors of others
• Understand the connection of introversion and extroversion has on personality
• Discover the connection of your personality with your leadership style
• Examine the traits of leadership by Color Personality
• Explore ways to integrate True Colors in your organization
• Value the importance of the True Colors to public service leadership
• Reducing stress by truly understanding “being yourself”
• Leveraging diversity in your leadership journey
• Uncovering key motivators of people
• Tapping into 24 leadership competencies of a full spectrum leader
• Leading through understanding your people’s joys, values, strengths, and needs which creates a less forceful leader and a more cooperative one
• Reframing negative perceptions of others into more positive ones creating a more harmonious work environment
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