“True Colors is such an easy concept to accept and buy in to.  Once you get it, you’re hooked. By using “color talk” we all know what the other is referring to which makes meetings and discussions more fun and effective.”

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corporation USA

“There’s no question in my mind whether True Colors can alter the culture of a school. Positive changes include greater levels of trust, higher collaboration, reduction of conflicts, and increased community involvement.”

E. Dean Butler, Director Center for Research in Educational Policy, Memphis State University

“The True Colors system sparks fun and interesting dialog in our teams, inviting employees to better understand their teammates’ strengths. We use the system for our mentoring launches as well as for team development.”

Cathy Kansman, Training Department, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI

“True Colors helped make our All Employee Meeting a tremendous success. The system presents our employees with both a fun and educational experience. It’s now been over two months, and the effects are still evident and useful.”

Timothy A. Kane, President, MBK Homes