ASPIRATION: Adding value and making a difference in people, organizations, and communities. Alaa is a Strategist with over 15 years of proven global consulting experience, covering various domains of organizational effectiveness, including reorganization, gap analysis, redesign, operational enhancement, and the development of the Human Resource potential. During his consulting experience, Alaa worked with key global organizations…


Louise Kutz has served as an educator, trainer and consultant to both the profit and nonprofit sectors.  Louise’s experiences range from classroom teaching to serving as an internal organizational development consultant to state, national and international organizations.  She remains committed to personal and professional enhancement utilizing educational training methods.  Ms. Kutz is a qualified Myers…


Kathy Green is the President and founder of Talent Management Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm that supports companies in the design and development of talent management practices and programs to help accelerate the development of their talent for the future.  Her focus is on linking business and Human Capital strategies in organizations to ensure there…


David Eng is the President and Chief Learning Officer of DLE Consultants specializing in Interpersonal Skills, Diversity, Leadership, and Teambuilding for small and large businesses.


Dr. William (Bill) Reid is a Certified Facilitator and a Master Trainer for True Colors International. Bill has been using True Colors since his days as a high school principal and now trains those who wish to learn to facilitate the popular program. Bill also holds certifications for True Communications, True Coaching, and True Parenting.


Bill Behrens has been a Master Trainer and Executive Trainer for True Colors since 1985. He has trained and worked with diverse educational groups including the Tennessee State Department of Education, Erie 1 BOCES, and Humboldt County Office of Education, Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District as well as many individual school sites.


Barry Waite is a Colors Master Trainer. He has served and presented on an educational panel at the International True Colors Association Conference (ITCA) as well as an ITCA Member. Barry is a Certified Coach through Coach Training Association and with the Developmental Dimension International 360 Feedback Coaching.


As a recipient of many distinguished grants and awards, including a National Endowment of the Humanities Teacher-Scholar grant and finalist for the Washington State Teacher of the Year, Ann stands as a model for excellence in education.