ASPIRATION: Adding value and making a difference in people, organizations, and communities.

Alaa is a Strategist with over 15 years of proven global consulting experience, covering various domains of organizational effectiveness, including reorganization, gap analysis, redesign, operational enhancement, and the development of the Human Resource potential.

During his consulting experience, Alaa worked with key global organizations in multiple disciplines and with different sizes, including telecom, government, manufacturing, express delivery, automotive, oil & gas, and education.

Over the course of his career, he has established organizational systems, governance structures and developed teams around various functions; leading to enhancing operational efficiency, using systems thinking, process innovation methods, and business excellence models.

Using a systemic approach and tools, Alaa assisted organizations in accurately evaluating their current state and deploying the path to the desired future state effectively.

Alaa is known as and recognized for holding high business standards & outstanding work ethics. He enjoys a fulfilling life; being a husband and a father and enjoys reading and learning.