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Your Organization exists to help serve others. How can you fully give your time and attention if you are drained by the frustrations of working together? True Colors® helps you understand and deal with difficult people and teaches you how to tap into the strengths of differences to work synergistically as a team.

Dealing with the Public can be rewarding and fulfilling, and yet there are times that dealing with the various personalities of those you serve can be difficult. When you can recognize the True Colors of others, you can understand how to relate to them better. You’ll discover ways to motivate, encourage and communicate with even those you thought you could never connect with.


True Success with True Colors


  • Discover your own True Colors personality spectrum
  • Recognize the strengths, stressors and motivations of other personality styles
  • Learn to communicate so people want to listen
  • Appreciate the different opinions, approaches and values of others while still feeling validated for your own way of doing things.
  • Finally understand WHY people behave the way they do!
  • Bring out the best in yourself and others.


Introducing True Colors to Your Workforce

Hands together

Personal Success Seminar – The True Colors Foundation

Each of us has our own style, preferences and ways of operating. So how can we all work together? This interactive, information-packed Personal Success Seminar helps participants explore their own distinctive personality strengths and stressors, respect and appreciate differences in the ways people function and lays the foundation for relationship building, effective communication and team effort.



The True Colors LIVE SHOW

Live Show Pic 2015


Wake up your employees with a LIVE SHOW that will have them begging for more! Four actors, one of each of the colors of True Colors, will come forward and present the characteristics of each character. This is followed by comedy skits, customized to meet the ORGANIZATION’S GOALS, showing the characters in action in an environment familiar to the participants. The show will be capped by a comedy scene about a meeting that culminates in disaster, emphasizing the need for teamwork and better communication.





True Communication – the Key to Workplace Success

This interactive seminar helps you build upon the basic True Colors concepts. You’ll explore your preferred methods of communication and gain insights into the pet peeves and preferences of others so you can enhance interactions, reduce miscommunication and preserve your self-esteem. Recognize what you can do to strengthen rapport, boost listening skills and clearly get your message across in a mutually beneficial way. Practice newly learned communication skills to reinforce your ability to easily use these methods outside of the workshop.



Online Assessments

The Online Assessment is the perfect complimentary tool to a Personal Success seminar. While the seminar experience teaches you about the True Colors method of personality assessment, how to recognize others’ brightest color and how we interact with each other based on our Color Spectrum, the Online Assessment provides you with introspective knowledge and in-depth revelations about yourself.


Making the World a Better Place Starts at Home

Your social service organization exists to make the world a better place. If your workplace is stymied with communication breakdowns, lack of respect, or misunderstandings, then you are facing a double tragedy. First, your staff suffers. Secondly, your ability to accomplish your mission is degraded.

True Colors can help you make the world a better place by making your workplace a better place. With True Colors training, your staff will know how to hear one another, and respond in a way that will be understood. Investing a small portion of your donor’s funds in a True Colors seminar will leverage your effectiveness into your field of service and make you more successful at fulfilling your mission statement and attracting future funding.

Call a True Colors representative now to explore how your organization can improve your service through better communication.

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