True Colors® Programs for Health Care

We are the team for the job

Employee happiness & patient satisfaction, are they related?

You bet! If employees aren’t happy, then patients don’t get the service they expect.

The collaborative effort among health care professionals to provide patient care requires a strong team effort.

How strong is your team?

Patient care demands can bring numerous opportunities for stress and frustration alone, but combine these challenges with staff conflicts, personality clashes and snarled lines of communication and it becomes virtually impossible to deliver excellence. When there is improvement in team cohesiveness through relationship-building, effective communication, respect, and fair treatment, satisfaction levels increase and so does the quality of patient care. The desired business outcomes of improved moral and better outcomes.

True Colors brings out the Best in Your Team

True Colors is an easy-to-use tool that has helped millions of people find personal success and dramatically improve their inter-personal relationships. It has a forty year track record of success with hundreds of companies like Ford, Pfizer, Washington Mutual, ESPN, Kraft, Boeing, JC Penny, Cargill, Sabre, I.C. System, and thousands of schools, hospitals, and government agencies, who have used it to build teamwork, and to improve communications and customer relations.

What Makes True Colors Different?

The strength and power of True Colors is that it takes the elaborate method of understanding personality theory and distils it into a user-friendly, practical tool that is fun to use and easy to apply.

  • It’s highly interactive and engaging
  • It’s easy to understand *** PEOPLE GET IT!!!…at all levels of an organization (Top to Bottom)…absolutely critical for any major shift.
  • It’s easy to integrate into your training initiatives
  • It’s easy to remember

Introducing True Colors to Your Workforce

Hands together

Personal Success Seminar – The True Colors Foundation

Each of us has our own style, preferences and ways of operating. So how can we all work together? This interactive, information-packed Personal Success Seminar helps participants explore their own distinctive personality strengths and stressors, respect and appreciate differences in the ways people function and lays the foundation for relationship building, effective communication and team effort.

Live Show Pic 2015


Wake up your employees with a LIVE SHOW that will have them begging for more! Four actors, one of each of the colors of True Colors, will come forward and present the characteristics of each character. This is followed by comedy skits, customized to meet the ORGANIZATION’S GOALS, showing the characters in action in an environment familiar to the participants. The show will be capped by a comedy scene about a meeting that culminates in disaster, emphasizing the need for teamwork and better communication.


True Communication – the Key to Workplace Success

This interactive seminar helps you build upon the basic True Colors concepts. You’ll explore your preferred methods of communication and gain insights into the pet peeves and preferences of others so you can enhance interactions, reduce miscommunication and preserve your self-esteem. Recognize what you can do to strengthen rapport, boost listening skills and clearly get your message across in a mutually beneficial way. Practice newly learned communication skills to reinforce your ability to easily use these methods outside of the workshop.


True Colors Online Assessment

Diverse Young Adults The Online Assessment is the perfect complimentary tool to a Personal Success seminar. While the seminar experience teaches you about the True Colors method of personality assessment, how to recognize others’ brightest color and how we interact with each other based on our Color Spectrum, the Online Assessment provides you with introspective knowledge and in-depth revelations about yourself.


True Colors Certification Training

Understanding the needs of the various personality styles of your staff and fostering a healthy work environment is on on-going process. True Colors can be easily integrated into your organization by training your designated staff to become certified True Colors facilitators.


Benefits of becoming a True Colors Facilitator are:

  • Obtaining the skills to conduct an engaging True Colors® Personal Success workshop…the “7 Essential Elements”
  • Becoming licensed to purchase the authorized True Colors® materials
  • Identifying your True Colors spectrum of personality traits
  • Building an understanding and rapport with diverse groups
  • Developing team building techniques

Choose from Public or Private certification options

Public Certification – True Colors has a created a schedule of trainings for which participants can register to attend. True Colors has set the dates and found the location.

Private Certification – When an organization has a large number of participants they would like to have certified, True Colors will offer to do a certification training exclusively for that organization. The time and location of the training is chosen by True Colors’ client.


Customizing Your Next Steps

While many organizations already have existing initiatives they’ are executing, others are beginning to create and develop their training programs for the very first time. In either case, True Colors will help to create a customized program considering all of our different products and services, that will meet your training and budgetary requirements. We help you integrate the program and we provide you with the support needed to ensure the greatest success in achieving your goals.

  • Corporate Executive/Management Expertise
  • Certification of Corporate Trainers
  • Online Personality Assessments
  • Measurement Tools for Quantifying Results
  • Books and Training Materials
  • Edutainment Events for Meetings & Conferences

Choose from the following amazing, action and information packed seminars to meet your organizational needs in a phenomenal way that will last forever and you will be so glad you did!


Heal Thyself

It is ironic that working in health care can so often be stressful and psychologically degrading. We seek to promote health, yet our own health can be depleted at work through chronic misunderstanding, staff conflict, and feeling disrespected.

True Colors can help you deliver optimal health care through having a well coordinated chain of communication from intake through client care and release. When everyone on your team learns to listen to others, and can speak in ways that makes themselves understood, then everyone benefits. Staff are more attentive to one another. Bedside manner improves. The level of care everywhere increases. Patients are happier and improve more quickly.

True Colors is your prescription to healthy communication. Take a dose of the medicine that your workplace needs.

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Making the World a Better Place Starts at Home

Your social service organization exists to make the world a better place. If your workplace is stymied with communication breakdowns, lack of respect, or misunderstandings, then you are facing a double tragedy. First, your staff suffers. Secondly, your ability to accomplish your mission is degraded.

True Colors can help you make the world a better place by making your workplace a better place. With True Colors training, your staff will know how to hear one another, and respond in a way that will be understood. Investing a small portion of your donor’s funds in a True Colors seminar will leverage your effectiveness into your field of service and make you more successful at fulfilling your mission statement and attracting future funding.

Call a True Colors representative now to explore how your organization can improve your service through better communication.

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