True Colors in Education

Your School Environment


Do you work in education to be part of an established learning culture… to help students learn, develop, and become more effective in the world? Isn’t it ironic how the organizational structure supporting this educational system can be disrupted by misunderstandings, conflicts, and lack of respect?

Much of the success of an academic institution depends upon communication, not only inside the classroom between teacher and student, but throughout the entire campus and beyond. A student’s day begins with the first interaction – be it with a bus driver or school secretary and continues throughout the day and into the surrounding community.

Cooperation or Conflict?


When the staff is not getting along, the students (and their academic achievement) are affected.

The demands of providing educational opportunities for students can bring numerous opportunities for stress and frustration alone. Combine these challenges with staff conflicts, personality clashes and snarled lines of communication and it becomes virtually impossible to deliver excellence.

Introducing True Colors to Your Staff


True Colors helps everyone involved in the education process -teachers, administrators, counselors, students and support staff—become a team coordinated around the goal of learning outcomes.

An expert True Colors Facilitator introduces administrators, faculty and staff to this interactive, entertaining and easy to remember Personal Success Seminar, providing new tools to understand themselves and work with students.

True Colors has been used successfully in education for thirty years, to gain higher levels of self esteem, academic achievement and improved personal relationships in school and in families.

True Colors School Program Goals:

  • Increase Attendance
  • Achieve Higher Test Scores
  • Motivate Positive Achievement
  • Build Respect & Trust
  • Improve Grades
  • Promote Cooperation
  • Reduce Stressors
  • Enhance Self-Esteem
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Identify “at-risk” Behaviors
  • Bond Entire Organization


Additional Applications

True Colors offers further seminars to help you put the concepts into action in a variety of contexts and keep them alive in your school, university or school district. These applications can include training for teachers to understand how to teach to the True Colors of their students, True Colors Leadership, and True Communication – just to name a few. True Colors certified facilitators in your District can also acquire additional certification to teach these applications internally for your staff.









Live Show

Looking for a great way to introduce the True Colors concepts to a large group (like a student assembly)? The True Colors Live Show is a fun, interactive comedy show that consists of 4 actors, each playing the part of one of the True Colors personality styles. Whether it is a skit about a student’s first impression of a Blue, Gold, Green or Orange teacher’s classroom, a school event planning meeting, or perhaps a wild ride in a carpool, your staff and/or students will have a blast laughing while they learn to recognize their own personality style.




Online Assessments

Educators understand the value of assessments. True Colors offers a comprehensive online assessment of your individual personality. Because each individual has a unique color spectrum, the results illustrate not only your primary personality color, but your subdominant hues as well. Through this means, teachers, counselors, administrators and other staff can understand more about themselves and also offer their feedback about the personality of others through the 360 component of the assessment.



Additional Applications for Students

Students bring a lot more than books and pencils into the classroom. They carry a lot of personal baggage as well. Students’ background, home life, and all of the constructive and disruptive forces in their lives affect their ability to learn. True Colors is a way to understand what makes each student tick, and how to help her or him to succeed.




Family Support – True Parenting

One of the most significant influences on a student’s ultimate intellectual capacity is his or her home life. A supportive family unit nurtures the intellect in countless ways. True Parenting is a program for the heads of households. It teaches parents and guardians to see their young ones as unique individuals. By addressing the individual developmental needs of each child, they flourish to their maximum capacity.



True Coaching

Athletic coaches are always looking for an edge. They are teaching teams how to cooperate through competition. But what inspires cooperation? What increases the competitive drive? The answer is different for each athlete. While a coach must address an entire team, each member of the team is motivated by different goals. True Colors help athletes and coaches communicate those goals to one another, so that coaches will best know how to motivate peak performance from each individual.


True Colors—Teaching What Is Important

For subject matter to be mastered, it must be presented in a form that can be understood and retained. True Colors helps teachers understand how to communicate with their students.

For teachers to be effective, they must feel supported by their peers and administrators. However, different things will feel supportive to different people. How do all these needs get met? True Colors can be the common language that bridges these gaps.

Call a True Colors representative to customize a curriculum for your school’s needs. Set an example for your students by learning what is important to your own success.