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The best HR professionals and managers know that high-performing talent is their organization’s most valued asset. While finding and keeping the best people can be difficult, keeping employees engaged, motivated and feeling valued, remains among HR’s most pressing challenges. One of the biggest barriers to employees thriving at work is their ability to independently navigate personnel issues. In fact, research shows that almost 60-80% of all difficulties within organizations stem from strained relationships between employees.

At True Colors, we believe effective communication is the key to healthy employee relationships. Effective communication requires understanding personal biases, active listening, and tailoring the delivery of messages to each situation. Investing in your organization’s communication skills positively impacts engagement, productivity, turnover, and performance. True Colors teaches entire organizations how to communicate more effectively and how to apply these techniques for maximum impact. And we do it cost-effectively and quickly.


Engaged Employees are 87% Less Likely to Leave an Organization

Welcome to True Colors

Our mission is to improve the performance of organizations by helping people better understand themselves, each other and to value all of our unique differences. True Colors is an impactful, engaging and easy to implement temperament model. We help organizations of all types and sizes achieve better people performance.

For more than 40-years, our user-friendly program has helped organizations understand and recognize individual differences that lead to miscommunication and conflict. True Colors teaches skills for understanding individual personality traits and provides frameworks for applying new communication techniques. We distill complex personality assessment and learning theory into and practical tool that can be applied to virtually all workplace situations.

Our customized programs—supported with expert trainers, online assessments and robust learning materials—can be seamlessly integrated throughout any organization.

The Benefits are Real and Immediate

For Employees, True Colors Enhances:

  • Communication Skills
  • Self-Esteem
  • Employee Engagement
  • Collaborative Teamwork
  • Employee Productivity
  • Performance

For Management True Colors Fosters:

  • A Positive Workplace
  • Respect & Trust Building
  • Employee Retention
  • Stronger Leadership
  • Increased Diversity and Inclusion
  • Improved Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Acquisition of Key Talent


“True Colors has had a major influence on our ability to work together to achieve goals and to appreciate what each individual brings to the table. It is the heart of our team-building and diversity training. We also use True Colors to teach our sales staff how to sell to different personality types.”

— by Nikki Hanna, Vice President, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Oklahoma

A transformative personal development process for your leaders and employees

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Participants earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), SHRM and International Coaching Federation (ICF) credits as well as Certification Badges for all completed trainings.