It’s the week before serious Holiday Shopping begins and you’re looking for outstanding gifts for your team.  But as a supervisor, it’s important to customize your gifts and make sure they know you care.  Here’s how to discover what suits their personalities the best.

TRUE COLORS is a training and consulting company that utilizes a proprietary methodology as the basis for programs that provide you behavioral insights to your team members.  Hosting a fun
TRUE COLORS LIVE SHOW for your online ZOOM Holiday Party and following it up with an appropriate customized colorful gift will raise you to the top of the “Best of 2020 Employers” list.  Results will be higher engagement and greater feelings of understanding and appreciation. Employees will come to know you as the greatest company team in your city because you know your people and you understand their strengths and stressors.  


Start by hosting a TRUE COLORS Zoom Party, with a trained facilitator serving as a guide/guest/emcee who will work with you to incorporate the live show into your event.  Then, once you’ve figured out how wonderfully diverse your team is, you can choose four fantastic corporate gifts that will tap into their bright color personality preferences.  


Using the “79 Unique Gifts For Employees” recommendation, here’s what would be great for your team and why:

  1. The Happy Hour Box for your ORANGE Team Members would be fun and food in a box because you know they miss the opportunities to hang out after work snacking and sipping together.  Do this and have a Virtual Happy Hour after “work hours.”
  2. The Home Essentials Box is perfect for your brightest GOLD Team Members as they enhance their organized working space to remind them that they are still connected to the best company ever.
  3. The TheraBox is perfect for your bright BLUE Team Members who have been super stressed out by 2020.  They need some warm and welcoming reminders that you care about their self-care.  Be the boss that will let them take time to breathe and relax as they get their emotions back in check.
  4. The Eco-Friendly Box might come in handy for those bright GREEN logic-driven Team Members who may see gift-giving as frivolous and unnecessary.  Give them something that is useful and will be valued all year long.  


That’s just an example of ways to shop for your diverse and amazing team. Start the holidays off right and be remembered for the fun, online ZOOM company party that you did to make sure 2020 ended with a bang.  Sign up here for a TRUE COLORS LIVE SHOW for your online Holiday Party.

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