Each organization, whether it is a corporation, school, hospital, government agency, military or non-profit, requires teams of people working together to accomplish their goals. True Colors provides an ideal method for choosing, mixing and motivating the team members, so that they will perform at their best in an interactive, supportive, creative, and responsible manner.

In the Teambuilding Certification Application Training, you will learn how to work with different personality types and how to use their strengths and interests. Team leaders need to understand the individual talents and strengths of each team member and how to work effectively with staff. As a team leader, it is important to know who needs attention, who wants to feel appreciated, and who may prefer to be left alone.

The True Colors Teambuilding Certification Application Training allows you the opportunity to deliver seminars, workshops, and in-service programs using the True Colors Teambuilding Application materials.


Key Benefits Include:

  • Understand how to increase team performance.
  • Learn to select members of a team using True Colors as your guide to different personality types, being able to recognize how they will contribute their talents and abilities.
  • Learn the essential traits of a successful team and learn stages of team development.
  • Discover the 7 Essential Elements of your team.


Hassle-Free Online Certification

All Additional Application certification sessions are structured as two, three-hour online sessions and take place on Mondays or Wednesdays. The format includes live instruction from a certified True Colors trainer via teleconferencing. The instruction includes audio instruction, PowerPoint support materials, review of hardbound training materials, quizzes, and homework and a question and answer session. Each session has follow-up activities as well as homework, additionally; there are activities you need to complete to prepare for each session.

PLEASE NOTE: Personal Success Certification is a prerequisite for Teambuilding Certification Training.