man teaching students

Whether your students are small children, teenagers, college students or adults, it is important as a presenter or teacher to know how to present so that everyone in your class or audience grasps what you are saying and leaves with a new awareness of what you are trying to convey.

In the Teaching & Learning Styles Certification Training, you will learn about different teaching styles and how to encourage learning and achievement. This training will help facilitators to understand the True Colors concepts in regards to learning and how it applies to different temperament styles.

The Teaching & Learning Styles Training will incorporate practical and useful activities that apply to the True Colors concepts in teaching and learning styles so that the information gained will be a springboard for developing improved teaching skills, greater communication in the classroom, and positive attitudes among your students and seminar participants.

The True Colors Teaching & Learning Styles Certification Training allows you the opportunity to deliver seminars, workshops, and in-service programs using the True Colors Teaching & Learning Styles materials.


Key Benefits Include:

  • Understand the learning styles of your students, clients, and groups using True Colors as your guide to the different personality types.
  • Recognize how your students will hear, participate, respond and remember your session.
  • Broaden your perspective of teaching and learning practices through the use of True Colors.


Hassle-Free Online Certification

All Additional Application certification sessions are structured as two, three-hour online sessions and take place on Mondays or Wednesdays. The format includes live instruction from a certified True Colors trainer via teleconferencing. The instruction includes audio instruction, PowerPoint support materials, review of hardbound training materials, quizzes, and homework and a question and answer session. Each session has follow-up activities as well as homework, additionally; there are activities you need to complete to prepare for each session.

PLEASE NOTE: Personal Success Certification is a prerequisite for the Teaching & Learning Styles Certification Training.