Conflict is a part of everyday life and the ability to navigate or negotiate your way is a powerful skill. Each human interaction has the potential to be a challenge that could lead to conflict. Learning the skills and being able to share the information regarding how to navigate conflict situations is a key part of this certification training. The True Colors Conflict Navigation Certification training provides Certified Facilitators with everything you need to provide a remarkable and valuable seminar. The training will incorporate practical and useful activities applying True Colors concepts providing a wonderful opportunity to enhance your life and the life of others.


Key Benefits Include:

  • Understand the causes, characteristics, and cures for conflict.
  • Understand fundamental elements of conflict and negotiations.
  • Recognize how to use key concepts regarding conflict to improve daily life.
  • Broaden your perspective of conflict resolution and negotiations through the use of True Colors.


Hassle-Free Online Certification

All Additional Application certification sessions are structured as two, three-hour online sessions and take place on Mondays or Wednesdays. The format includes live instruction from a certified True Colors trainer via teleconferencing. The instruction includes audio instruction, PowerPoint support materials, review of hardbound training materials, quizzes, and homework and a question and answer session. Each session has follow-up activities as well as homework, additionally; there are activities you need to complete to prepare for each session.

PLEASE NOTE: Personal Success Certification is a prerequisite for Conflicat Navigation Certification Training.