Your staff has had enough of the corporate fun activities and they are now looking for real, practical ideas to survive the small family celebrations that are about to happen in the next few weeks.  Why not offer a fun “TRUE COLORS” Personal Success workshop to help them survive the Holiday gatherings while giving them tools to strengthen the corporate communication culture too?  Family communication styles often carry over into the workplace as well.  If you’ve got team members struggling with communication at home, they are probably also struggling with communication at work also.  Let us give them the communication tools to strengthen relationships at work and at home.   

A True Colors Communication workshop can help individuals navigate the awkward home conversations, lean into the personal questions that grandma always asks, or divert attention from the job-related questions that Aunt Sally manages to ask over the turkey and dressing.  It’s all about communication and understanding your own communication preferences and family member’s communication preferences.  

For example, talking to grandma Betty, whose communication preference is primarily gold could be focused on the annual traditions that the family has done over the years.  And Aunt Sally, who has been primarily very blue from the beginning of time will want to know how Sam really feels.  She’s looking for authenticity, so helping Sam know how to give her a few minutes of his true feelings and Aunt Sally will be delighted to get to listen.  

Part of the challenge for many people is that they don’t understand their own communication style and therefore, they have a hard time expressing themselves both at home and at work.  Supervisors often get frustrated when a staff member isn’t able to fully articulate their disappointments with the situation, which then turns into conflict.  That probably happens in their home environment, too.  Giving your team something fun for the holidays at home, but practical for transforming the work culture, too, will be a holiday gift that keeps on giving.  

Reach out to True Colors International today and we will help you create a one-of-a-kind experience for your team members this holiday season.  True Colors can do one workshop or several over the next few weeks to keep strengthening communication between your team members throughout the year.

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