The True Colors methodology helps establish a company culture that values differences and creates unity. This is especially important when team building and effective leadership come into play. To maximize team building potential, each member must know their own color spectrum as well as their colleagues’ spectrums. And to lead effectively, team leaders need to understand how different color spectrums work best together.

We’ve developed two reports to encourage internal adoption of the True Colors system and provide leaders with important team-dynamic insights so they can lead more effectively. Introducing the Team and Leader Reports!

The Team Report

True Colors Intl. provides a complementary Team Report, a comprehensive overview of the color balance within your organization after all members have taken the assessment. 

Your True Colors Team Report provides a quick reference guide to the temperament profiles of your team.  The colorized display provides a full-color profile of each member of your team, including raw scores.  You can order a laminated copy in any size to display in a key location for all to use.  Watch engagement, camaraderie, communication and collaboration increase immediately!


The True Colors Team Report is complementary and includes:

  • An easy-to-understand graphical overview
  • Group profile
  • Display of individual raw scores
  • Reference document
  • Enlarged display available

Sample of comprehensive True Colors Team Report

The Leader's Report

True Colors Intl. provides an unprecedented Leader Report for leaders looking to become influential within their organization. The Leader Report is a powerful tool that allows an inside look into the dynamics of each individual’s function within the team environment. The Leader Report allows invaluable managerial insight into strengths, frustrations, and stressors that can effectively prevent conflict before it arises.

The True Colors Leader Report provides an in-depth team analysis aimed at creating a foundation of understanding for leadership, who can make decisions based on how to effectively communicate to, collaborate with, and encourage each team member’s unique spectrum.

Sample of comprehensive True Colors Team Report

Team Culture Case Study

This case study covers the barriers created by a civilian-versus-military mentality that can create dissent and frequent miscommunication among peers, and how True Colors helps combat it.