True Colors

For over 40 years, True Colors has been championed by those who experience its methodology, which has been successfully implemented in corporations, nonprofits, education institutions, and government municipalities and agencies. Below you’ll find a collection of testimonials from a few of these customers.

Diversity Teamwork Brainstorming Meeting Concept

“True Colors® is such an easy concept to accept and buy in to. Once you get it, you’re hooked. By using “color talk” we all know what the other is referring to which makes meetings and discussions more fun and effective. By consistently using True Colors® within our daily routines and other training programs, it has become a tool of the trade, part of the Kawasaki, Maryville culture and working environment. We have certainly become a better team because of it. Thanks True Colors!”

– Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corporation, USA

“Being open and passionate and fearless. Those are some of our key values at MetroStar. We’ve always followed them. We’ve always pursued them. We don’t see a failure as an error or a mistake. It’s an opportunity to learn. True Colors’ framework fits so well into our organization’s psyche and culture.”

– John Gianopoulos, MetroStar Training Manager

“There’s no question in my mind whether True Colors can alter the culture of a school.  Positive changes include greater levels of trusthigher collaborationreduction of conflicts, and increased community involvement.”

-E. Dean Butler, Center for Research in Educational Policy Director, Memphis State University

“The great thing about True Colors is that it facilitates trust! A whole new world opens to both the faculty and students as they learn how to value each other. This past year, of the 75 kids that went through the program using True Colors, only three dropped out. I know that True Colors was a contributing factor to keeping the remaining students and changing the disciplinary needs in school.”

– Steve Bridge, Elma School District Administrator”

“… True Colors has been utilized at Ford in a few different ways; (a) as an ice breaker in our mentoring launches, aiding a mentoring partnership in its beginning stages (b) team development through the use of the True Colors tools…sparks fun and interesting dialog within a team, inviting a person to develop more understanding of their teammate’s strengths and suggestions for brightening their paler colors (c) enhancing their diversity through ‘thought styles’ and ‘understanding strengths’ of an individual’s True Colors.”

– Cathy Kansman, Training Department, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI


“We use True Colors as a way to provide a way for close cooperation among the military services by corroborating ways to effectively communicate based on their personality types. [True Colors] allows us to overcome some of the unique challenges that we have based on our differences.”

– Tonya Abrams, EEO Specialist at Andrews Air Force Base

“I saw a Live Show at a Las Vegas conference. The show was customized to fit our needs and the cast were amazing. They truly embodied each personality type, making it easy to understand. It changed the way we function as an organization. It helped with communication immensely, whether in person or via email.

At my next position, we booked True Colors for a conference with the same result!

Now, I’m at Presidium. We also booked True Colors for a company event. Everyone wore their color to the hands-on seminar to learn more about what their colors meant. It was very interesting to see the company by color. Love it!”

Angella Davis, Marketing and Training Director, Presidium

“True Colors helped make our All Employee Meeting a tremendous success. They presented our employees with both a fun and educational experience. It’s now been over two months since the workshop, and the effects are still evident and useful both here in the workplace and in our employees personal lives.”

– Timothy A. Kane, President, MBK Homes

“I wanted to tell you how incredible my True Colors experience has been since I became a Certified Facilitator. My plan was to add True Colors to my coaching repertoire. What’s happened instead is that I use the True Colors template and approach every day in my therapeutic and coaching work. It adds a wonderful layer to the framework I use and informs my thinking in a really valuable way. Understanding a team member’s True Colors brings a lightness to the work the organization needs to do to rebuild the foundation of their relationship and shift the fit between each of them. It creates a bridge that they can cross together and assists them in their walk across that bridge toward success. True Colors makes my work richer, and . see and hear the amazing effect it has on the organizations I have the privilege of woring with every day.”

-Gail Paterson, LifeWorks

“Thank you so much for providing an exceptional professional development program for the educators of Warren County, New Jersey. As chairperson of the County Wide In-Service Program, my goal was to find something different that would meet the professional development needs of a variety of educators withing the county. The True Colors methodolody met my criteria because all aducators are faced with working in teams for the common good of the school district and the students. It taught us about the four personality types and how each type is integral to the group process. I would be happy to recommend you to other school districts who are looking for a quality learning experince for their educators.”

– Regina Swierc, Superintendent, Warren County School District


“A tool that was trialed and became the standard for our program is True Colors. Participants connected quickly and easily with the principles of True Colors and reported that they felt it easier to understand than the MBTi. Some participants felt MBTI was confusing and overly complex. After trialing both MBTI and True Colors, the latter was chosen for a number of reasons, including the ability to easily self-administer the assessment “in the room,” along with individuals’ immediate connection to the principles covered by the tool. The social nature of the instrument also provided an appropriate lead into the curriculum to follow, which involved working extensively with others, either individually or in teams. In addition, at the time of implementation, the True Colors tool was simpler and less expensive to administer.”

– Melissa Koehle, Special Projects, Interior Health Authority

“True Colors gave us a foundation for understanding why we’re different and helped us understand that it’s okay to be different. True Colors also provides us with information on how to communicate with other personality types, their strengthes and challenges, and how they see the world. We all have all four of the personality styles, yet we have a preference for one or two styles over the others, and that’s what makes us different. An excellent tool for the journey into self discovery.”

– Betty Conroy, President, Betty Conry Consulting

“The Personal Success workshop was good. I really believe that this will help the team get to the next level as now they can all relate/understand why people do what they do and how to be a better team mate.”

D. Purdy