Paso Robles School District Uses True Colors To Affirm, Stretch, and Empower Students.

We have developed P.A.V.E., which stands for Personal, Academic, and Vocational Empowerment. Within this program, we Affirm, Stretch and Empower students.”

– Bob Bourgault
Principal of Liberty High School

student in orange shirt smiling sitting at desk


Bob Bourgault, Principal of Liberty High School in Paso Robles and former Counseling Coordinator for the Learning Academy, had a desire to integrate True Colors district-wide.
The goals/strategies outlined for the Paso Robles School district were to:

    • Affirm and stretch all temperament types and intelligences
    • Provide educators with outstanding teaching and learning training
    • Prepare young people for the workplace of the Paso Robles community by modifying the existing curriculum so that it focuses on the work skills needed for local businesses and California standards
    • Showcase student work with a graduation interview/portfolio
    • Partner with local businesses to create reality-based educational experiences.


“We have developed P.A.V.E., which stands for Personal, Academic, and Vocational Empowerment,” explains Bourgault. “Within this program, we Affirm, Stretch and Empower students. We start with the True Colors Basic Awareness Seminar to ‘Affirm’ their intelligence and temperament and to help the individual get in touch with their strengths. We then work on Stretching the student’s ability to reach the next level of their achievement. We encourage them to strengthen other aspects of their personality, such as brightening the Gold, which might include developing better study habits and organization, and increasing the Blue, thus being able to create better interaction with others. The next step is Empowering experiences. We have set up opportunities for the students to apply their knowledge in meaningful ways, including helping students enter into competition through organizations such as Skills USA.”

student smiling in gold shirt


Paso Robles School District is now a Mega Chapter and the largest chapter in the State of California participating in Skills USA with their school advisor, John Stokes having been elected as one of 4 National Advisors of the Year for Skills.

Over 14,000 students compete in a National 8 Convention, and in 2005 Paso Robles had 70 students who won gold medals in the regional competition, 45 who won gold on the state level.

They had 11 medals winners in the national competition with 2 Gold Medal winners and 5 of the top 20 students in the nation.