How a Cybersecurity Company Uses True Colors to Maintain an Award-Winning Culture

“Being open and passionate and fearless. Those are some of our key values at MetroStar. We’ve always followed them. We’ve always pursued them. We don’t see a failure as an error or a mistake. It’s an opportunity to learn. True Colors’ framework fits so well into our organization’s psyche and culture.”

–  John Gianopoulos
MetroStar Training Manager


MetroStar Systems, an award-winning enterprise, digital, and cybersecurity solutions company based in Reston, Virginia, strives to build and maintain an inclusive, diverse, and award-winning culture that sets the company apart.

“This year we [MetroStar Systems] were honored to be awarded two Best Places to Work awards: the Washington Post and our 7th award from Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT,” says John Gianopoulos, Training Manager at MetroStar Systems.

With a dispersed team of over 200 individuals, this exemplary culture can be difficult to maintain. Employees who are out in the field are at-risk for feeling disconnected from the core message and passion of the company as well as coworkers. 

“We have a lot of customers, a lot of our Team Members that are on customer site,” explains Gianopoulos.

“And as a result, they don’t get an opportunity to be here at the office and interact with people and it tends to make them feel more separated from the company.”


MetroStar Systems utilizes True Colors to onboard new employees in addition to creating an environment in which current employees can reconnect. By using “color talk,” employees are able to relate to one another as well as gain insight into themselves.

“Shortly after onboarding, Team Members are invited to a Personal Success Seminar for a half-day session at MetroStar Headquarters in Reston, VA. Company-wide invitations are sent so that those who missed a session or wish to repeat it can attend,” says Gianopoulos.

“We like bringing them into True Colors. You get to play with everybody. People who’ve taken it before are invited to come back and play if their managers can let them have the time to do so. And it just comes out to be a blast.”

man in blue shirt smiling holding computer


MetroStar Systems measures the impact of the True Colors Program through an internal course survey, which has resulted in an average 8.2 on a scale of 0-9 (as per the Metrics That Matter™methodology). 

“True Colors has provided a common reference between people, so they can better understand and relate; not just to each other, but themselves as well!” Gianopoulos says.

“True Colors has increased the organization’s camaraderie and minimized the normal tensions that can occur between co-workers.”

One internal MetroStar Systems Team Member writes:  

“Thank you, John G! Loved the workshop, often hear people refer to themselves saying “that is such an orange thing to do/say!” So funny. It is nice being able to understand why people do certain things based on their main personality type, when it might be different to how I would react to the same thing.”