True Colors is used to create a positive school climate in the Arlington, Washington Public School District.

“We used True Colors as the foundation of our ‘Respect Summit’ and adopted the slogan, ‘Students Making a Difference’.”

– Dr. Hopkins
Deputy Superintendent

student in gold color shirt smiling


In the Arlington School District, there are 5,522 students with 13% ethnic diversity in 11 Schools.

These include 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 1 high school, 1 alternative high school, 1 freshman academy and 1 homeschool program.

Employees include 346 Certificated Staff, 271 Classified Staff, and 22% free & reduced.

The district began looking for a program that would build better communication and teamwork among all administrative staff, teachers, and students.


True Colors was introduced in the Arlington Public Schools District in 1999. The True Colors method of working with different personality types has been infused into every aspect of the school district, including personnel practices, instruction, communication, school climate, and supervision.

True Colors is used in interviews and the selection process, orientation of new employees, team formation, staff development and supervision. Instruction in the classroom is influenced by the teacher and the students knowing their True Colors. All staff in the district have experienced a True Colors Basic Awareness Seminar, and a data system for student achievement is integrated into instructional strategies.

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“We used True Colors as the foundation of our ‘Respect Summit’”, says Dr. Hopkins, “and adopted the slogan, ‘Students Making a Difference’. It has been an important tool in building relationships, understanding personalities, recognizing teaching and learning styles, increasing motivation and self-esteem, and enhancing communication skills.”

True Colors has allowed students to reflect on how to best communicate and learn using their personal color spectrum.

“To be honest, I would say that my results with True Colors were pretty accurate. As a Blue, I learn best when working with a group of people where everyone can express their ideas about the subject. I think it is a lot more fun and easier to learn if I am communicating with other people.”

-An Arlington District Student