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Transform your college campus culture with True Colors.

Looking for a way to create a common language for valuing differences and creating unity throughout your college campus? True Colors Higher Education Solution leads to improved communication and resilience, deeper relationships, respect for others, and valuable personal awareness and professional development that improves student success — both on campus and beyond. 

Below are seven ways you can colorize your college campus culture, transforming its faculty, staff, students, and culture overall culture with the help of True Colors.

1: Utilize True Colors Assessments, Reports, and Books

The True Colors’ online personality assessment gives each person who takes unique insights into their own personality type. By using the four colors orange, gold, green, and blue to differentiate the four primary personality types, True Colors helps faculty, staff, and students gain self-awareness and a better understanding of — and appreciation for — others around them. 

The assessment can be co-branded with your school’s name, each person will receive a personalized 25+ page report on their individual results, and a team report is shared that presents the cumulative assessment results and implications.

Additionally, a Personal Success Guide textbook can be utilized to enhance classroom learning and cohort leadership development.

2: Experience a True Colors Personal Success Workshop

The cornerstone three-hour workshop guides participants through the assessment reports and helps them understand their results. This workshop is a great foundation for diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) initiatives as it provides a shared experience for participants. When people come together in a fun, interactive way, they feel a sense of collective accomplishment that sets the foundation for genuine relationship building and honest dialogue.

Our Personal Success Workshop also creates a common language around discussing differences and self-improvement and helps individuals become more self-aware so they are better able to unlock implicit bias and build empathy — keys to improving any DEI efforts on your campus.

3: Host a True Colors Certification Training — Onsite or Online

Coordinating with your campus schedule, a True Colors Master Trainer will come to your institution and provide Facilitator Certification Training to your faculty members, administrative staff, or student leaders. If preferred, we can also deliver this training 100% online. This will create a sustainable cohort of True Colors facilitators and leaders on your campus that can deliver the program when and where it is needed.

4: Enjoy a True Colors Live Show for College Campus Culture 

The signature of all True Colors programs is “edutainment,” bringing education to light through entertaining activities. Our professional improv troupe can perform for a campus event — in person or virtually — or we can train student actors to perform the show themselves.

During a Live Show, four actors portray specific personality types as they act out short vignettes showing how hilarious our simple everyday experiences can be. The comedic script can be customized for your school.

5: Reward True Colors Student Ambassadors to Colorize College Campus Culture

When student leaders experience True Colors, they immediately want to do more to help other students learn about themselves and experience the same professional and personal development that they’ve received. Reward your student leaders with a digital credential and a valuable professional development option recognized worldwide. 

6: Join the True Colors Online Community

Continue learning, have fun, and join the conversation on all of True Colors’ social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram

You can also find free resources for facilitators on the True Colors website that will help enhance workshop programming. 

7: Schedule a Program Effectiveness Consultation

The educational leaders on the True Colors team will work with you to design an assessment plan that measures outcomes and the impact of colorizing your campus. This is a great way to see the value of your True Colors experience. It also provides you with the results and data needed for administrative leadership, board members, and other decision-makers at your university.

Download 7 Components of a True Colors Campus.

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