work-life balance

Your personnel may be finding work-life balance harder than ever to come by.

Virtual or hybrid work arrangements, the need for flexible schedules, and technology that could keep them constantly working are all factors. Yet, with some intentionality, it can still be achieved. Share the below tips with your employees to help them not only prevent burnout but be the most competent and confident versions of themselves.

1. Know your priorities to achieve work-life balance

At any given moment, you may feel pulled in a thousand different directions. This is why it’s critical to know your priorities. When you actively develop your self-awareness and take the time to think through your priorities — and even write them down — it gives you the freedom to say “yes” or “no” without guilt as demands on your time arise. 

2. Let go of unrealistic expectations

Expecting to fit 36 hours of to-dos into a 24-hour day? Feel disappointed when you can’t? Forgot you have to sleep? While this may sound ridiculous, many of us are guilty of clinging to unrealistic expectations of ourselves and our time. Let it go and get realistic.

3. Schedule — then re-schedule 

The best way to get realistic with our time is to create a schedule and then be willing to modify it. Life happens and things change. Our schedules need to work for us — not the other way around. Some people prefer digital calendars while other people find value in writing everything out on paper. Do whatever works best for you. You also may find it helpful to account for activities throughout your day besides just meetings or appointments. 

4. Build breaks into your day for successful work-life balance

We’ve all been in the zone and burned through some long chunks of time working on a project, but in general breaks are needed on a regular basis. Usually after 45 minutes to an hour, your eyes need a break from the screen, your body needs to move around out of your chair, and your mind needs to think about something else. Acknowledge this and build breaks into your day.

5. Set boundaries and communicate them

Decide when and where you will work — and when you won’t. Then communicate those boundaries to your team. The traditional 9-5 workday isn’t a given anymore, but a 24/7 one shouldn’t be either. Establishing and communicating your workday is one of the surest ways to avoid burning out.

6. Get physical 

The physical and emotional benefits of exercise are well researched and documented. Set aside the time for physical activity on a regular basis for optimum work-life balance. From a walk around the block to a YouTube yoga session, there are plenty of simple and even free ways to include movement into your day.

7. Have a hobby

It may feel like a luxury, but we could all find a little time in our schedules for something just for fun. Taking pleasure in an activity for its own sake, rather than for praise, a fee, or some other form of acknowledgment is a simple, effective stress reducer. Maybe it’s reading a novel for 15 minutes a day, getting the paint supplies out once a week, or finally attempting to brew your own beer. The possibilities are endless.

8. Take vacations for a successful work-life balance

Americans are notorious for not using their vacation time. Why? It’s well earned and greatly needed. If you want a proper work-life balance, take it! Enjoy the time away from your work, and even more importantly enjoy the time with your family, friends, or just yourself. And don’t underestimate the power of a staycation. Travel is exciting, but certainly not required in order to enjoy some time “away.”

9. Volunteer

Maybe you have the time for a weekly commitment, or maybe in your current season of life something more irregular is required. Whatever the case, you can make a difference in your community and counteract the effects of stress by doing something meaningful for someone else.

10. Give and receive grace

No matter how intentional we are about work-life balance, stress is a part of life and things get messy. Remembering this allows us to both give and receive grace when things don’t go according to plan. Perfection is unattainable, so the weight of it need not burden anyone’s shoulders!

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