Are you curious about your unique personality type? Or perhaps how others see you? Is there someone you would like to understand or get along with better? If you want deeper insights, specific descriptions, fun facts, and to pinpoint your full spectrum of personality traits, then it’s time to discover your True Colors personality type.



Take the True Colors Personality Assessment!

Find out how you’re coming across to others and use this information to strengthen communication, reduce conflicts, and increase your overall effectiveness. When you complete the True Colors Personality Assessment, you’ll receive an in-depth report describing your behavioral tendencies when interacting with others. You’ll also receive powerfully effective methods for helping you succeed with people who have a different personality type.

Features of the True Colors Assessment

  • Gain immediate access to view and print your comprehensive, personalized 25+ page True Colors Personality Profile Report.
  • Select team members and gain access to a comprehensive True Colors Team Report. Share amongst your team. Learn about each other.
  • Select to receive a True Colors Leader’s Report comprised of the True Colors Team Report and pages of helpful instructions and tips on personality differences, communication techniques and the keys to unlocking your team’s maximum potential.

**Leaders Report and Team Report are not available for online purchases. Please contact customer service regarding the reports**


What makes the True Colors Assessment Unique

Young adults taking True Colors personality assessment

The True Colors personality assessment is a fun way to discover more about yourself and others.

It Appeals to All Personality Styles,
Not just one or two. Our online assessment version accesses both the right and left brain by using several methods for discovery. Your preferences are ranked from most like you to least like you instead of forcing only one choice.

It Doesn’t “Pigeon-Hole” Participants
Everyone possesses a Color Spectrum, from brightest to palest. This greatly enhances the ability to understand yourself and others. True Colors Online Assessment is the only model specifically designed to reveal aspects of your entire personality spectrum that is uniquely you, according to your assessment responses, not just a general description of your dominant style.

Offers Detailed Specifics 
Not only do you receive information about yourself and your True Colors Personality Spectrum, but the Assessment report gives tips and methods for applying the information to improve interactions with all others.

It Makes Inherent Sense
Everyone immediately understands and relates to colors. A majority of people think visually and after learning this model, it’s easy to quickly see a person’s colors without needing to remember names, formulas, or letters. Participants report that True Colors is the most user-friendly model they’ve ever experienced.

Leader & Team Report
Do you really know your team? Have you ever wondered what really makes your team tick? Understanding the individual personalities of each person can provide powerful insights for better communication, execution, and engagement. When your team takes the True Colors Online Assessment they receive their own unique 25+ page report. As the leader, you can elect to receive a True Colors Team Report and a True Colors Leader’s Report to fully unlock the potential of your team.

  • The Team Report
    Provides a detailed analysis of your entire team and any sub-groups you select. You will receive clear and easy to understand tables and charts identifying individuals and team personalities. Share this report with your entire team and watch our language of personality preferences increase acceptance and understanding of differences within each team member. You will see healthier communication, more collaboration, reduced conflict, and more productive relationships.
  • The Leader Report
    Is your guide to leading from a position of knowledge, understanding, and care. Armed with the composition of your team- both individually and collectively- learn how to enhance your relationships with each personality type. You will be better prepared to build high performing teams. “You have the IQ- now show the EQ” is what we like to say.

**Leaders Report and Team Report are not available for online purchases. Please contact customer service regarding the reports**


True Colors is Fun and Entertaining
The 25+ page report you receive contains famous quotes, and lively graphics. It is not only fun to read, it’s visually appealing.

Offers an Assortment
The True Colors® online assessment measures your preference and behaviors in a variety of contexts resulting in a rich, comprehensive exploration of personality characteristics. You’ll enjoy finding out about yourself and validating your unique style.

We got it!

The True Colors Personality Assessment is for you if…
You want to gain deeper insights, specific descriptions, fun facts and discover your full spectrum of True Colors traits. Find out your True Colors personality style and find out how you are coming across to others. Use this information to strengthen communication, reduce conflicts and increase your overall effectiveness.

Because True Colors is so user-friendly it can be easily used with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, your community and beyond! From teenagers to grandparents, school districts to International Organizations, from your own personal growth to helping others, True Colors is a universally embraced model that enhances relationships, communication and problem-solving to bring out the best in everyone.

Our Assessment Uncovers Your Individual Color Spectrum

Sample Spectrum:

Brightest Color: Orange
Secondary Color: Gold
Third Color: Green
Palest Color: Blue

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